Hi Everyone!

Kim here sharing a couple of cards and a couple of different stamp sets that are perfect for sending love and telling those special folks in your life just how much they mean to you. A quick little story about me and my card making process. Well, I don’t know if it’s much of a process really, more of an admission. Ha ha! I am slow, I am slow at coloring, I am slow at deciding what I want to do, and then once I decide I’m slow at putting it together. Heaven help me if I am making a shaker card or an interactive card because then I am EVEN SLOWER!.

Over time I have accepted this about myself and am now okay with being slow. For me it’s not about the amount of cards I can put out but the act of making whatever it is I am working on at the time. It’s that zone of feeling completely content from coloring and card making that I am looking for and the joy of sending people something that will hopefully bring them joy and let them know I care.

That being said because I know how slow I can be there are few things I have learned to take advantage of. So here are some things I do to help myself with future cards and coloring etc. maybe they will help you too:

  • Stamp them all – if you are using a stamp set like the two I am using where they have a lot of different images I stamp them all out even if I only have plans for a few. You have the stamp set pulled out already and if you are using a stamp tool you’ve also got the space. 
  • Color them all – of course this is only if time permits but even if it doesn’t you can always come back to them and color them when you do have time. I try to color all the images because often times I don’t have an idea in my head yet as to which characters on the stamp I want to use and this way they are ready to go when I decided I want to use them. The little guys that don’t get used I save in a plastic container for future use.
  • Cut them all out – whether you are fussy cutting or using a machine cut everything out pretty much for the same reason as listed above so that they are ready when you are. 

I have found that these little things make it more likely that I will sit down and make a card even if things are hectic and I only have a few minutes to play. Then the times when I really have some free time I can pull out different stamp sets and have a stamping party! Hope these tips help you in your creative play and ultimately gives you more and more chances to do something fun and play with all these stamps that we find ourselves unable to live without! (You are not alone!)

This is what I made using Love Bites from Newton’s Nook.



This is what I made using Monster Sized from MFT Stamps.


Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I wish you a wonderful day and some time to yourself to do what makes you happy!

Keep on crafting,

Kim 🙂