Hello Everyone!!!  It’s Christine from Pattercrafts with a Peek a Boo Card featuring Sunny Studio’s “Happy Owlidays” stamp set!  This set is super adorable and is great for Christmas and Winter cards.  I made a peek a boo card using the September Scrapping for Less card kit and I was asked at that time if there was a video and long story short – that footage was lost and I thought I would make another!

There are lots of tutorials out there for this style card, but I will tell you what I did.  First, I cut down 3 pieces of card stock.

  1. Panel 1 we will call FRONT:  Cut to  4 1/4 inches tall x 8 1/4 inches wide – this piece also gets scored at 2 3/4 inches.
  2. Panel 2 we will call MIDDLE:  Cut to 4 1/4 inches tall x 8 1/2 inches wide – this piece is scored at 4 1/4.
  3. Panel 3 we will call BACK:  Cut to 4 1/4 inches tall x 5 3/4 inches wide and scored at 5 1/2 inches.

I will try my best to describe the process in words, but I did make a video CLICK HERE if you’d like to see the process and be able to stop the video if you’d like to try to make one yourself.

Now the window portion of the card needs to be die cut.  You can choose any shape dies you want or have.

  1.  Take your FRONT panel – Fold along the score line – decide where you want the window (somewhere towards the right) and die cut.
  2. Take your MIDDLE panel – Fold along the score line – (this should look like a square card) – Scored Edge needs to be to the left – “Open” edges to the right – LINE UP the open edges to the right of the FRONT panel.  The top, right and bottom should all line up.  (It’s not the same width so the left side will not line up to the left side of the front panel)
  3. Now that the FRONT and the MIDDLE are lined up – take the piece you die cut from the FRONT panel and place it back into the negative space.  HOLD THERE – CAREFULLY move the front panel – LINE UP the die with the piece you are holding onto the MIDDLE – Once in place use washi (or piece of post it) to hold the die down so you can CAREFULLY remove the die cut piece.
  4. The MIDDLE piece should be folded (like a card) and run that through your die cutting machine with the die taped down so it doesn’t move.  This ensures that the 2 parts of the middle piece are lined up.  IF you cannot cut through both parts of the middle piece, you’d have to repeat step 3 for the other part of the middle piece.
  5. You can decorate your panels now or after.

Decorating Panels:

  1. I decorate the Front panel with a piece of pattern paper from the Sunny Studios Holiday Cheer paper pad.  Cut the paper down to 4 1/4 x 51/2.
  2. The window needs to be cut from the FRONT panel.  You can either adhere, turn the panel around and use a craft knife OR you can use the same method when cutting the circle from the middle panel as explained in part 3 above.
  3. The MIDDLE panel looks like a square card and just like a card – when this peek a boo card is open – the MIDDLE panel will look like the inside of any other card. (See picture below).  I know a lot of people do not decorate the entire open part of a card but with a design like this I decorate both MIDDLE pieces.  The process is the same as #2 right above.  I trimmed the paper (4 1/4 x 4 1/4 and do the same as the front panel for MIDDLE pieces.  You can choose to decorate both or just the right side.  I decorated both.
  4. I leave the rest of the decorating/embellishments after I attach all the Panels

Attaching the panels:

  1. So your MIDDLE panel looks like a card – attach that “front” to the back of the FRONT panel – making sure the windows line up
  2. Take the 1/4 inch piece that is scored on the BACK panel add a strip of scor-tape or another strong adhesive.  This piece is attached to the right edge of the back portion of the MIDDLE panel.  ***be careful the adhesive doesn’t go onto the other parts of the panels.  When you open the card, the piece that moves into the window will stick on any sticky part – IF you do get adhesive and that piece does stick – use powder or an adhesive eraser and remove adhesive***
  3. Your FRONT and MIDDLE panels are not attached to each other – they are attached only to the MIDDLE panel.  (See picture above)

Decorating/Embellishing your card

Once I had the card all adhered I decorated the front and middle with a strip of paper from Sunny Studio’s Holiday Cheer Pattern Paper and several of the images from the Happy Owlidays stamp set.  The images were stamped and cut out then colored with Copic Markers.

For the Peek a boo part…  THE BACK panel is where the image that is seen when the card is closed.  I close the card – draw an outline on the back panel where the window is and decorate that area.  With this card, I chose to put down a  piece of pattern paper and the owl with the Santa hat.


When you open the card – that folded edge from the front panel slides the other 2 3/4 part into the window space.  I do the same thing, keep the card open – lightly draw where your window is and decorate.  For this part I chose another piece of pattern paper, an owl and a gift.

So while the card is closed, you see one scene/image and when the card opens, the extra piece of the front slides into place displaying another scene/image.  (You can also use sentiments)

I thank you so much for stopping in today.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the process for you, but there is a video over on the Scrapping for Less YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoy and get inspired!