Warning! This blog post is going to be long!

I wanted to share the story of how Scrapping for Less (affectionately known as SFL) was born! I have always been an avid scrapbooker and even owned a Scrapbooking Retreat facility for almost 5 years. As long as I can remember I wanted to own a scrapbook store. Unfortunately, the best of both worlds (the retreat facility and the store that went with it) had to close due to job demands on both myself and my business partner. So, I thought my business owner days were over. The job demand that increased for me was being moved from a comfortable teaching position of a grade I loved and was comfortable with to Kindergarten. Now, as much as I love children I soon found out teaching kinders was not for me and oh did I have an extremely stressful school year. This lead to an early retirement so I became a SAHW. Love, love, love this position! Well, after almost a year of not being able to purchase any new crafting products (because we were really on a tight budget) I approached hubby with the thought of opening this business on Facebook. He was on board (mainly because it was not going to affect him) and I began the process of restructuring my former business into an online entity.

One of the things that frustrated me often was the cost of scrapbook supplies…every I had ever shopped and place I had gone to for scrapbooking supplies seemed way out of the ballpark. At least for me! So, I decided that since this business was not my sole income I could afford to do things a bit differently! Therefore the idea of selling the hot, trendy products at less than retail prices was born! Oh, I was so very happy to come up with that idea and begin to offer products to customers.

Also, from the days of running the Scrapbook Retreat facility, well and just because I know in my heart that is how I should be…I decided as well to offer totally one on one and the best customer service that I was able to. The Facebook Group has been in existence since April 2013 and has done extremely well. Fast forward to this year and I decided to step it up a notch and open a website…Now, I have 2 main reasons for opening the website…1, the avenue upon which I was selling my leftover inventory (due to quantities I must purchase sometimes there is just leftovers) just kind of dried up and I needed a new place to do that…and 2, there are many companies that I cannot purchase from my main supplier and those companies also require a website to contract with them. So, the desire to expand was then born!

It has not been without its frustrations but I am totally loving owning and operating my own business in an industry I am extremely passionate about! I am really looking forward to what the future holds for SFL.

I also want to thank from the bottom of my heart each and every single customer that helped me build SFL to what it is today. We can only go up from here!

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Teresa Russell

Owner and CEO of Scrapping for Less

Bringing hot, trendy, scrapbooking supplies to customers is very important to me. Paper crafting, stamping, coloring, and card making is my passion. [VISIT MY BLOG]